24 November 2013

Night Shooting: West Ridge and Downtown

Went night shooting alone this time. Twenty below. First wanted to shoot one of the greenhouses. I've always been drawn to the green glow inside the snow-and-frost covered structures. I didn't get a good long shot, but some of my close-ups of the ice crystals came out:

40 mm lens (~60mm equivalent)
ISO 200

Show with a tripod and the white balance set to tungsten. I cropped this to a square because I wanted the three columns, each with a different ice pattern and a different balance between ice and leaves.

Next went downtown to try to shoot the frozen berries and frosty branches along the river. Got some okay ones, but on my way back to the car I noticed these two low steam vents (~8' off the ground) with the big stack from the power plant in the background:

15 sec
40 mm (~60 mm equivalent)
ISO 1600

I got a few okay shots, but then the wind on the ground and the wind up high blew in opposite directions and I got this one, which I really like. The steam blowing out of the frame in both directions really makes it. I haven't done very much to this image. It turned out well. Didn't go looking for it--just saw it on the way back to the car.

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