23 November 2013

Night Shooting: Creamers Field and GI Roof

Went out for a second try at night shooting with Shadoe. We started at Creamer's Field and were surprised to find an early aurora. Shadoe advised me on keeping the shutter speed slow to keep it from looking like a blob:

6 sec
31 mm lens (~46 mm equivalent)
ISO 800

I was surprised by how well the camera captured it. The aurora was much fainter than this. Truly though, I have no interest in aurora photography. Other people can do it and I will look at their beautiful pictures.

We went from their to the GI roof. I wasn't interested in anything until Shadoe started taking shots of the big satellite dish. This one is kind of a mess (not easy capturing a person in the dark without a flash), but I liked the colors and I liked how it captured how dedicated and absorbed she is when she's shooting:

1/4 sec
31 mm lens (~46 mm equivalent)
ISO 1600

The snow is red because its main light source is the red light on the element in the middle of the dish. You don't notice it with your eyes, but the camera captures it. It you try to make this snow white, the colors of the background go crazy. Anyway, I like it. It looks a little unreal.

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