02 October 2013

Tonewood, bicycle chain, etc.

Leaving for Colorado. Hard to find time to shoot. Looked through the cabin for anything that might work. Lameness followed. Photographed some (poorly) bookmatched guitar and ukulele backs. Some houseplants. A bicycle chain. Here's the myrtle:

ISO 80
50mm lens (~75mm equivalent)

ISO 800
50mm lens (~75mm equivalent)

I did these on the porch. Cloudy but bright (hence the 1/640 on the first one). I successfully executed shallow and then deep depth of field, but I can't think of any other reason for these photographs to exist.

Did the same thing with the bike chain, but inside under a grow light. One photo has just one link in focus, the other has everything in focus. Tripod required. Dumb, pointless photos.

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