06 October 2013

Nederland, Colorado

Trying to get my assignment done while visiting my girlfriend. Not recommended. Here's Erica:

ISO 400
40mm lens (~60mm equivalent)

ISO 6400
40mm lens (~60mm equivalent)

Kind of a cloudy morning. Not enough light in the cabin to be doing this exercise handheld with a moving subject. The second photo is better than I'd expect from such a high ISO, but it isn't good. Oh well. I like her expression far better in the second one, but the first photo is a lot less noisy.

f/2.8 gets most of Erica in focus. Need to practice focusing with lenses wide open. I'm guessing in the winter that's how I'll shoot pretty much everything.

Further exercises were done with pine cones and an ugly hotel carpet. I won't mar the internet with those.

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