07 December 2013

Depressing Spruce Trees: Day Two

I went back to Peat Ponds, took a different trail, and came out on a good sized lake. The middle had a few isolated tracks--ski tracks, footprints, a single track I couldn't identify (it's not a bike), and animal tracks. Tried to capture all of this, with the spruce forests behind, in a panorama:

Eight photos taken in portrait orientation and then stitched together in Photoshop.

1/10 sec
ISO 100
31 mm lens (~47 mm equivalent)

This is almost good. My best shot at a panorama so far. The tracks and the surface of the snow came out very well, and the sky is okay. I'm disappointed with the composition of the forest. The trees on the right really are larger, but the asymmetry of the panorama makes the right side look distorted. Also, this shot is not depressing! In the end, it's pretty but not a great success. I am learning that with care, you can take a nice panorama with a good normal lens due to the lack of distortion and vignetting.

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