24 September 2013

Green Route & Red Route

Rode around with Sheehy and Coskey today. Shooting on the bus is hard. The light changes too quickly. Also, because you can't stand in front of the white line, you really just have one angle to shoot the driver. Still. A couple of shots that I like:

ISO 100
50mm lens (~75mm equivalent)

It's nice because Steve looks sad and broken. Originally the window was bright and washed out. I was able to salvage some detail in photoshop. Also cropped out the front of the window. I like the contrast between his expression and the yellow "BUZZ" button.

ISO 200
50mm lens (~75mm equivalent)

And here's Coskey. Again, the window is blown out. I like the hand, but the sunglasses are no good. Would be much happier if I could see an eye or two.

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